October 8th, 2014


The ISFiC Press financials for 2013 are finally as done as they can be and have been sent on their way to the Treasurer so he can file the ISFiC taxes.

It would be nice if we didn't have to do everything the hard way.

This Shouldn't Take Too Long

daisy_knotwise hates it when I say that. This is because it usually does take too long.

But having obtained the right seal for our garage door to replace the 18-year old seal that was rotting away, I figured it wouldn't take too long to thread it through the channel. After all, I had pulled the old seal out last week and then put it back when I discovered that the seal that I'd bought on-line was the wrong one. If the old seal went in and out of the channel easily, surely the new one would do so.

Stop laughing.

I'd found instructions that suggested lubricating with a bit of liquid soap. There was not enough liquid soap on the planet to make the new gasket want to slide through that old channel. I checked a few minutes ago and found an alternative suggestion of silicone spray. Maybe that would have worked better. Maybe not.

I had a half-hour before dinner and figured I could manage this by myself. After that half hour, I had managed to pull the seal through four feet of the sixteen foot garage door. This was not going well at all.

When I broke for dinner and explained the situation to Gretchen, she suggested that it would be easier if she held the one end while I pulled on the other. This turned out to be correct in the sense that we had improved the situation from impossible to difficult.

But after about an hour of tugging and swearing, the seal was installed and the garage door successfully closed.

And now the garage should stay warmer this winter, which is what the goal was in the first place.

Thank you, dear.

Did I mention that Gretchen had other plans for the evening? :)

You were right, and I was wrong...