November 19th, 2014

Dead Tablet

Well, Katie's tablet (one of the two TMAX HD tablets that I bought for the girls at Sam's Club) will no longer charge via the micro-USB port. This is bad, because long, long ago it stopped charging via the AC adapter -- not the fault of the adapter, but of the socket. This means the tablet is essentially a corpse.

A bit of research indicates that the one year warranty from TMAX is worthless unless you saved the box the tablet came in. I bought a Square Trade warranty through Sam's Club when I bought the tablet, but they apparently won't honor that warranty because the TMAX worthless warranty is still in effect -- or, at least, so others have reported. I suppose I could wait out the rest of the year, but that will not make Katie particularly happy...

So daisy_knotwise suggested that I could maybe find a used tablet for Katie. The problem is that a used identical tablet will cost about $70 and be heir to all of the same potential defects as the original. I could buy a new better tablet, but then Katie will have a better tablet than Julie, which will result in a certain amount of sibling rivalry.

Gretchen has her 7 inch Ainol tablet, but that is, of course, much smaller than the 9 inch TMAX and yet another invitation to sibling rivalry.

And then there's my boat anchor of a Toshiba Thrive, which is looking more and more like a good choice for this job.

Which brings me back around to getting a replacement tablet for me. :)

I had just about settled on the Nexus 9 when I saw a bunch of reviews about problems with the build quality. This worries me a bit. But still, the base Nexus 9 is $100 cheaper than the base Samsung Galaxy Tab S with the same amount of storage. And for $80, you can double the storage on the Nexus 9. So that 32 GB Nexus 9 looks really nice.

Except Samsung is running a Black Friday sale on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S that will drop the price of their tablet to $399, the same as the base Nexus 9.

And I like the little Galaxy Tab 3s that we've been using.

Decisions, decisions.