November 21st, 2014

Not With a Bang, But With a Ginormous Stack Trace

Oh, boy.

I'm trying to get our Java Server code resuscitated for a demo on Wednesday. This is being more than a bit challenging, as I'm picking up work that one of my Indian colleagues was doing. He's resigned, although he has another two weeks before he leaves.

The problem is that the code that he was working on is not done. I can cope with "not done".

But one of the big pieces he was working on was interfacing with the single-signon authentication code that's in a Java library. And when I attempt to use the class that he set up to handle this, the whole thing collapses with a stack trace that terminates with a ClassCircularityError deep inside the Java library.

You know, that's just not a good thing.

*thud* *thud* *thud*