December 15th, 2014

The Miracle of the Helicopter

One of the things that surfaced when I was cleaning my office is the small RC helicopter that I got a few years ago. Katie and Julie were anxious to fly the helicopter, but I (accurately) informed them that we needed to clean up the floor in the family room so that we actually had somewhere that the helicopter could take off from and land on safely. The helicopter itself is relatively sturdy, but the blades are fairly easy to break off and I don't have replacements right now. (Although I did just order a fresh set off of Amazon.)

The result of this was that the girls picked up almost everything on the floor and we have spent some time learning how not to crash the helicopter -- or fly it into the television!

This all served us in good stead this evening. Normally, we would be deeply enmeshed in cleaning up the house in preparation for the arrival of the cleaning lady tomorrow. But much of the effort is spent cleaning up the floor, which is mostly clean, other than the small pile of debris I swept up from all of the downstairs rooms. And since daisy_knotwise's back imploded again last night causing her to get little, if any, effective sleep, she has crawled off into bed to try to recover.

Or as she said, "Every part of my body hurts."

Yeah, that doesn't surprise me.

With luck, she'll feel better in the morning.