December 16th, 2014

It's KitKat, Tablet Whack, Don't Give the Kid a Phone

Apparently, some of the problems that Julie's tablet was exhibiting late last week were due to it being dropped by one of the neighbors, or with the assistance of one of the neighbors, or something like that. In any case, the intermittent failure to load from the internal SD card became a permanent failure, so it was time to get a new tablet for Julie.

The new, cheaper, faster tablet arrived today. I spent a few minutes configuring it for her and reloading some of her favorite apps. In addition, I managed to junk the standard launcher it had come with, replacing it with the Google Now Launcher under KitKat, which is a much happier app loader, in my opinion.

I also hid away the non-standard bit of app downloading software that had come with the tablet, as I suspect that will only bring us grief. While I was messing around with that app, it mentioned that the tablet had been rooted. Maybe so -- I didn't bother to check, but I did make sure to remove the terminal app that I'd loaded from the list of apps that she might want to download to her machine, because the picture of Julie with root privileges and a terminal app to play with was simply not a pretty one.

The old case doesn't quite fit properly (the rear camera is covered), but a bit of work to carve out a hole should fix that. And I moved the big SD card from the old tablet to the new one. (I have heard a rumor that Santa is bringing an external speaker for each girl's tablet, so they may get some music downloaded onto those SD cards to play, which will do wonders for preserving our kid CDs...)

In the meantime, Julie is happy with the new tablet.

I expect Katie to drop her tablet with malice at some point once she realizes that Julie's tablet is "better". *sigh*

Of course, what Katie really wants is a phone.

And that will not be happening any time soon. :)