February 22nd, 2015

Burn, Baby, Burn

I burned what I hope is the final test copy for The Grim Roper, modulo fixing the trims at the beginnings and endings of tracks (which I haven't bothered to do yet, because until the mix is done, why do the clean up activities?). There may yet be more adjustments, mostly to reverb envelopes, but I think that the end is near.

Big thanks to mysticfig for his suggestion of the AutoAlign plugin, which has fixed a multitude of annoying phasing problems on tracks where the guitar and vocal were recorded at the same time. It's simply amazing what you'll notice on a nice digital CD that tended to vanish into the hiss on a cassette tape. :)

I've still got to get the printed materials ready for this and What's a Hoosier?, but it looks like I'm in serious danger of having to send things off to the duplicator soon.

Fonts, Mr. Rico! Zillions Of 'Em!

So I was following links today, in this case from Instapundit, to Lileks, who led me to a site with the most amazing collection of reasonably priced display fonts that I could ever hope to find. Like $10 / font for printed publications, another $10 / font for most website usage.

And it struck me than a number of you might also be looking for fonts, so here you go.