February 28th, 2015

Dietary Mayhem

The last Capricon meeting for this year's convention was today. A great many Girl Scout cookies were delivered.

Julie was rather bored sitting through the meeting and we eventually agreed that she could have some of cookies from a leftover box of Samoas that we paid for. She proceeded to eat half the box in the car on the way home, along with the ice cream that we bought both girls as a treat.

For dinner, both girls had Lunchables. (Gretchen and I had frozen chicken pot pies and a small salad. It had been that sort of day.) Later, we had frozen lava cakes (nicely thawed in the oven) for dessert.

This was followed by Katie grabbing another Lunchable from the refrigerator, discarding the cheese and crackers in the trash and proceeding to eat the turkey and Oreos.

At this point, the riot act was read. I carefully explained that if Katie did not want to eat the whole Lunchable, that she had no business getting a Lunchable at all and that we could stop buying them.

Much remorse followed.

Some of this nonsense is going to stop.