May 3rd, 2015

Julie's Birthday Party

Julie's birthday party for all of her little friends was today at the local bowling alley. Sadly, they no longer offer the package that Katie got last fall that includes dancing on the approaches, but everyone still had a fine time.

Many pins were knocked down by balls bouncing between the gutter guards. :)

And an enormous amount of lemonade was consumed...

Lost In Translation

The mix for The Grim Roper is taking a very long time to finalize. There are a number of reasons for this.

First, I'm going down the learning curve with the new gear and figuring out exactly what works well and what doesn't. It's been a learning experience.

But the second problem is that I'm taking mixes out to listen to in the car and discovering that what sounded good in the studio is just subtly wrong in the car. I find that I need to roll off the bass end of the guitar, or that the vocals are too far back, or...

Which leads to another round of mixing in the studio and another round of testing.

All this takes a lot of time.

I finally concluded that what I need are some crappy monitor speakers. Now, one solution for this problem is to get some cheap computer speakers. And since I had a $50 hhGregg giftcard that needed to be used before the end of the month, I now have a $50 set of Logitech speakers that only require one new cable to connect to my system. (Because everything wants a new cable. Ask Gretchen. :) )

But these are not the ultimate solution to the "get some crappy speakers" problem. It turns out that there are people who have worked hard to make speakers that are exactly as crappy as you need for this job.

I went shopping on line this afternoon and discovered that Behringer has made some Behritone C50-A speakers that are pretty crappy. They're modeled after the much more expensive Avantone crappy speakers.

The problem is that the reviews are suggesting that the Behringer speakers are not crappy in the most useful way; that is, they don't allow you to mix accurately for the crappy environments that you want to mix for, while the Avantones -- according to the reviews! -- do. Of course, some of this is solved by learning the speakers, I suppose.

Or it could just be that the Behringer speakers are crappy in the wrong way.

Decisions, decisions.