May 17th, 2015


After having left the new speakers playing "The Chain" all during Marcon to break them in -- which would have caused Gretchen to break me in, were she not more tolerant than many -- I have finally gotten a chance to get down into the basement and try them out on some of the actual mixes for The Grim Roper.

The good news is that they appear to be working as designed. This means that I will get very few surprises -- I hope! -- when I take the resulting mix out for a truck test. It also means that I can hear and make adjustments more easily for some of the pathologies that I've been dealing with across the various mixes.

I am also developing a distinct fondness for the Brainworx EQ package, which is allowing me to do some surgery on tracks that need it. Part of the attraction is that the tool is well designed to allow me to say "There! That is the sound that I want to get out of the mix!" and then adjust the EQ to minimize it. :)

Thus, progress is being made.

One track at a time.