May 18th, 2015

Unprintably Yours

I have now run into the same bug in Visual Studio 2010 that one of my coworkers did.

Visual Studio 2010 randomly -- and frequently! -- shuts down and restarts.

Will it crash when solution loads?

Yes, it will crash when solution loads.

Will it crash when I compile?

Yes, it will crash when you compile.

Will it crash when I debug?

Yes, it will crash when you debug.

It will not load, debug, compile.

It is a steaming, stinking pile.

Can Microsoft Support help you?

My friend tried, but they couldn't do

A single thing to fix this mess,

They spent a week, no more, no less

And threw their hands up in despair.

They cannot fix this anywhere.

No, it will crash, this stinking toad.

Perhaps if Windows you reload

The problem just might go away.

Who knows? Who knows? And who can say?