May 28th, 2015

Chaos and Confusion

From the Department of Things That Needed Doing, So Let's Just Get It Over With:

We have engaged a contractor to fix the ceiling where the roof leaked and repaint there. As long as we're having that bit of drywall patched, we might as well have the rest of the drywall patched in that room. And we can remove the fluorescent fixture in the kitchen that Gretchen refers to as "a showcase for dead bugs" and replace it with an island light and LED cans.

And as long as that's going on, we might as well get the rest of the drywall damage fixed and those walls painted.

Oh, heck. Let's just repaint the whole interior. And the exterior trim paint is shot too.

May as well get the floors resanded and refinished too, as they've suffered greatly.

This project started very abruptly. As in "today".

We are now prepping the second floor, as they'll be starting work upstairs tomorrow after finishing that exterior trim (and adjusting the pitch on the gutters to discourage them from dropping rainwater into the drywall). All of the paintings on the upstairs walls have been removed and carted off to the basement for temporary storage. The guest bedroom is pretty much ready to go.

Over the weekend, we can beat the other three bedrooms into submission.

And I dumped a lot of paper from the office into the recycling bin today.