May 29th, 2015

Long Day

We got up early to go to the volunteers' appreciation breakfast over at Katie and Julie's school. Gretchen, especially, felt like we hadn't done that much volunteering, but we'd been invited and they were happy to see us, so it was all good. :)

This also allowed us to let the contractors in to continue work on the house. The guest bedroom is mostly complete. Over the weekend, we'll prep the rest of the upstairs so that they can just move furniture around and get the painting done without too much trouble.

We're still working on selecting paint colors. I have proposed that we get the green off the walls in the office and the dining room and turn the place into a "Cub Scout" color scheme -- that is, blue and gold, or at least some collection of variants of blue and yellow. (Not counting the white family room and downstairs hallway.) This has produced some resistance from Julie, who is not thrilled about the concept of change, although she has conceded that I can paint the office blue.

The current plan is to paint the rooms that get more light darker colors, while the less well-lit rooms get lighter shades. It's a good theory. :) In the meantime, we picked up one paint sample today and determined that it was way too yellow for the dining room. I mean, way too yellow...

Tomorrow, we'll get samples for all of the colors and see if we continue to like them after they hit the target walls.

Katie is lobbying to paint the girls' shared room purple. On the other hand, she's also lobbying to take over the guest bedroom for her regular use, so Julie really ought to have the say about the room they're currently in. And Julie, resistant to change, wants blue. The same shade of blue, if at all possible.

We'll see how this goes...