May 30th, 2015

All the Colors Of You

So we've hired folks to paint the house. They painted the guest bedroom, as we were able to come to a quick conclusion about the color there. (All colors, for the purposes of this discussion and for those playing along at home, are from the Benjamin Moore color chart.) We picked 2022-40, Banana Yellow, which turns out to be really, really bright yellow. We are, however, confident that there will be survivors. And Minions. (Ba-NA-na!) :)

We promised to reach conclusions about the other colors over the weekend so that they can proceed on Monday with other rooms. Happily, Home Depot can produce sample pots of the Benjamin Moore colors. We had picked out a yellow (2023-40, Sunburst) for the dining room that we tried on Friday and pronounced an exceedingly bad idea, but had considered HC-4, Hawthorne Yellow. However, Julie objected strongly to painting the dining room any color but green. Or to painting her room any color other than the one that it is now. The latter did not please Katie who is, well, far less resistant to change than Julie is. And far more into purple.

To keep the peace, I promised each girl that they could pick out a color pot to take home. Katie chose 2071-40, Crocus Petal Purple. Julie chose 2065-40, Utah Sky. Neither of these colors survived testing on the wall, being way too dark.

Meanwhile, the family room and hallway that we'd originally considered painting white got a trial with 2041-70, Irish Mint, which turns out to be a lovely pale green that should keep things pretty light and airy in the narrow hallway and the back of the house. So that looks like a winner.

We set out to paint the living room with 2066-40, Rocky Mountain Sky, with the one wall that extends to the second floor hallway in the lighter shade of 2066-50, True Blue. And we tried out 2043-40, Egyptian Green, in the dining room.

It turns out that large spaces in our house painted in anything ending in a 40 tend to be just a bit overwhelming. This held true with the 2060-40, Toronto Blue, that we tried out in the master bedroom.

On the other hand, the 2060-60, Turquoise Haze, that I tried for the office looked pretty good, as did the 2065-60, Caribbean Coast, in the girls' bedroom. (And it didn't make Julie scream, which was a plus.)

So back to Home Depot I went, collecting four more samples.

We tried out the new 2066-60, Honolulu Blue, on the living room wall that extends to the upstairs hall and the lighter 2066-50, True Blue, in the rest of the living room. Gretchen (accurately) pronounced the Honolulu Blue to be too wimpy for the job, so we're planning to paint the whole room in the True Blue, extending upstairs to the hallway. We are still considering painting the high wall across from the window above the dining room in the Rocky Mountain Blue, but haven't yet decided whether this is a sane idea or not.

The dining room got treated with 2043-50, South Beach, as well as 2041-50, Sea Mist Green, which I picked up to see if it complemented the similar color in the family room and hallway. I tended to think so, but I think I'm getting outvoted for South Beach, which was Katie's original pick that Gretchen prefers.

Upstairs, I got 2060-50, Cayman Blue, to try in the master bedroom and possibly the office. It seems to be a good choice for the bedroom, but the office seems to be happier with the lighter shade.

Today, of course, was a dark and gloomy day. Tomorrow, there should be some sunshine.

We'll see how all the sample walls look then. :)