June 1st, 2015

The Wabash March

We've got four days of meetings in the Loop this week, which means that I can either pay for the shuttle bus (which is cheap) or I can walk the mile or so across the Loop. If the weather doesn't suck (which it didn't), I usually choose to walk and so I did.

I am now rather more sore than this amount of exercise justifies. Of course, I was also markedly short on sleep, having to get up an hour or more earlier than I'm used to and on a Monday.

This excursion did remind me of why I work from home. In order to spend eight hours in the office (including time spent on lunch), I had to leave home at 7:15 and didn't make it back until 5:55. It was 75 minutes in; 85 minutes home.

On the other hand, I read 137 pages of the book I snagged for the commute this week.