June 7th, 2015

A Brief Visit

Phil, Jen, and their girls dropped by this evening for a short visit on their way to another friend's house where they'll be staying tonight before going to the Field Museum tomorrow. Normally, they'd stay here, but things are in just a wee bit of disarray as our painting project continues. But it was a lovely visit and the girls all enjoyed having a chance to see each other, and that's a fine thing.

The family room is now partially packed out for the painters. Since they aren't due in here until Tuesday at the earliest, we should be ok. :)

Back In the Swim

Last weekend, Mystic Waters -- our big community pool / water park -- had a preview weekend for season pass holders. It was so cold the pool didn't even open.

Yesterday was the official opening. It was so cold that I don't think they opened.

Today, they opened up. It was still cold, the weather was threatening, the crowd tiny. We figured we'd give it a shot before the girls exploded from anticipation. It actually wasn't too bad, but the crowd was so thin that they closed up at three. There was also a line of storms that was supposed to arrive about then.

The storms went south of us. Instead the heat and humidity arrived. It would have been a perfect time to go get in the pool.

Go figure.