June 27th, 2015

A Chance Meeting

After having handed Katie my phone to war drive with it in Ingress yesterday on the way to and from Wrigley Field, I figured it was time to tether her tablet to my phone and head over to the nearby park to give her a more formal introduction to the game. But when we got back from lunch, the neighbor girls who had been out of town for the last week arrived and that plan went kerflooie. So I talked to Gretchen and she said it would be fine if I headed over by myself.

I'd started running the mission there, but had farbled things slightly so that I would have to walk the entire park again in order to catch the missing stations. I figured this would be a good opportunity to knock out the various Enlightened portals in the area, save for the really big ones at the north end. So I took the walk, finished the mission, recharged things, hacked portals, and knocked out a bunch of froggie portals along the way.

As I was knocking out the last of the lower portals, I noticed that someone else was also busy dropping resonators. So I pinged him and thanked him for the help. It turned out that he is a substantially more experienced player, so he offered to meet up with me and hand me some potentially useful items. This meant walking back toward the south end of the park again, but -- what the heck! -- I need the exercise.

We had a nice chat and he showed me some "trophies" from when some massive control fields had been generated in the past. (He's been playing for several years now.)

And then it was time to head back toward home.

By the time I finished, I'd picked up around 50,000 AP, so only another 100,000 to go to make level 6.

And I walked about 5 km, which is not too shabby! :)