June 28th, 2015

This and That

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Katie had asked me to take her to the park to play Ingress, but immediately after lunch, she fled to the house of the neighbor girls. I packed out five boxes of books from the library and took eight boxes to the garage. Each bookshelf is about four boxes of books and there are six bookshelves in the room. Twelve boxes are packed (four are in the living room), so that means there are about 12 boxes to go. Whee!

(Having your floors sanded: all the fun of moving without actually buying a new house!)

Since Katie had not yet returned, I cooled off a bit and headed to the park by myself. I recharged portals, created several new fields, then went to another nearby park and blew up a small froggish portal farm there so that I could link the two parks together. This let me create another small stack of fields. The net result was that I walked another 4 km and picked up another 50,000 AP, putting me within striking distance of level 6. And I see many things were blown up at the south end of the park later in the evening, which means I may get a chance to pick up some more AP if I can get back there tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

When I got home, I was hot and sweaty. The girls had returned (with their compatriots) and I suggested that it was time to go to the pool.

And so we did. We stayed about an hour before I discovered that someone had done something untoward in the pool, which was confirmed by a member of the staff who went in with goggles and a baggie to investigate. This resulted in the main pool being closed and us going home and then off to Omega for dinner, where I got a lovely bowl of the sweet and sour cabbage soup that I have not had in quite some time.

Overall, an eminently satisfactory day.

And the good news is that the floor sanding has been put off until next week, so we have time to keep boxing things up. And the cleaning lady can come, which we really need. :)