July 5th, 2015

Well, That's Annoying

We put in an attic fan a couple of years ago, because we needed to flush hot air out of the attic to keep the upstairs at a reasonable temperature on sunny summer days. Unfortunately, instead of running a new circuit, the installer just tapped off of the bathroom and office circuit. This would have been reasonable, except every time our cleaning lady plugged a vacuum cleaner into the circuit on a warm summer day, we'd trip the circuit breaker.

So when we had the contractor in to do a bunch of work, the instruction was "Please fix this." And they put a bigger breaker on the circuit.

This would be fine, except I just checked and the attic fan is not turning at all, which would explain why it's damnably warm upstairs.

I just dropped an e-mail to our contractor (who still has more work to do) asking if he could please get the electrician out here to figure out what's wrong. It may well not be their fault at all, but it would be really nice if the fan was working...