July 21st, 2015

The Hazards of Little Children

The problem with having multiple phone outlets and Katie having learned to answer the phone is that it is extremely frustrating when someone calls and Katie picks up the phone and starts saying "Hello" and will not stop. I need to address this behavior with her shortly.

In the meantime, it took three tries for the person who I did not know who was calling to actually do us a favor to manage to start talking to us. (This never happens; by the time I answered the phone successfully, I was ready to strangle something, but fortunately I did not strangle him -- I was just a bit loud when I answered the phone.)

OK, now to talk to Katie.

Recu(r)sing Myself

I have reached the point in the programming day where it is time to put this problem down for a while and let my brain chew on it.

I think I will go chew on dinner instead.

(This is a lovely little problem that I suspect is ideally solved by recursion, but I have not yet figured out how to set things up so that the recursion will do what I actually want it to. Dinner should help. :) )