August 22nd, 2015


In the interest of peace and harmony, when I unplug the computers in the bedroom before the floor sanding starts on Monday, I am going to carry them down and put them on the kitchen table where I can hook them back up for the girls to use while this is going on. Since they connect via wireless dongles, this isn't too difficult.

There was something niggling at the back of my mind about my office computer, so I opened up the box to see the label that says Wi-Fi connection. Look at that! My system has a built in wireless adapter.

We'll see if it will let me connect...

Lovely, Heavy, Clay-Coated Stock

That's what they make textbooks out of. Or, at least, they used to.

I just cleaned off the "small" bookshelf in my office and filled three small boxes which have gone down to the garage. This doesn't count the approximate one shelf of things that were no longer of any use that went into the recycling bin with the help of Katie and Julie.

What I forgot about is the compartment under the return on my desk that would hold a small inkjet printer. We don't have a small inkjet printer, so I filled up the space with paper. Reams and reams of bright, colorful paper for making flyers and such.

Oh, joy.

All The Fun Of Moving Without Actually Buying a New House! (TM)

Meanwhile, In Happier News

I'm slightly late (but only slightly) in saying how delighted I am to be nominated for a Pegasus Award in the Best Time Related category for my song, "One Last Dance". Thanks to everyone who thought of me! (And it's going to be a tough little category, as is the rest of the ballot, which you can find here.)

In related news, let me shill again for Barry Childs-Helton for Best Writer/Composer as he is, in my opinion, the best fannish songwriter to have never won the award -- although there are some other folks I can think of who are in the running. :)