November 18th, 2015

Gym Night

Today was another one of the early-evening sessions over at Katie's school where parents and children are invited to the gym for active play. Thus, I bundled up Katie and headed in that direction. (Julie is in a younger cohort this year, so didn't come.)

The problem is that some of the games involve sitting on the gym floor. While I can get down, between my weight and my surgically repaired knee, I need a bit of help -- or a box -- to boost myself up with. *sigh*

But we acquitted ourselves reasonably well despite this.

The only real problem was when we were playing tag. At one point, I stopped short.

Or rather, my shoes did. The rest of my momentum carried me out forward and onto the floor. Having arrived there, I decided the better part of valor was to stay there for the rest of this particular game.

Happily, there was no major damage. Several sore spots, but nothing broken or that broke the skin.

I'll settle for that. :)