January 6th, 2016

Bits and Pieces

As was most likely, we did not win the $500 million dollar Powerball jackpot tonight. Ah, well.

The Christmas tree was undecorated tonight and taken to the curb for recycling. It was a lovely tree.

The DLP TV that I repaired yesterday promptly booted up with only the green LED this morning. Happily, it regained its senses after being turned off and back on, but it is clearly approaching the end of the line. With luck, it will hold out long enough to justify yesterday's repair. :)

Gretchen has unpacked two "medium" boxes from the garage in the last two days. At this rate, she will get the van back in the garage much later than she would prefer, but before the End of Eternity. The problem is that the windshield is starting to frost up in the mornings, which makes getting Katie and Julie to school just a little more challenging. This pretty much underscores how warm December was. January is about to be much less cooperative.

There is a mystery bug at work that I need to test, but that requires me to be able to connect to an Oracle database. This would be easier if our Java code would actually load the oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver class from what appears to be the appropriate JAR file that I've added to the classpath for the application. But it doesn't. Nor has Google yielded any answers. However, swearing has occurred.

The last of our lovely post-Christmas dinner beef brisket was turned into barbecue and consumed tonight for dinner. We got four meals out of it, including one with company for dinner, so I'm going to count that as a success.

After a long, long layoff that started with our summer renovations, I finally got back on the exercycle this week. I've managed it two mornings out of three so far, which is not as good as I would hope, but much better than it has been. And I am back reading Time from 2006 which -- as it turns out -- reminds me of exactly how lousy everyone's forecasts for 2026 are likely to be.

And that's the news.