March 23rd, 2016

Outbreak! Quelled?

So last Saturday, we were sitting at lunch when Katie announced that she felt bad and had a nasty sore throat. Given that we had gotten a strep letter from the school earlier that week, we headed straight for the Walgreens clinic.

Where no appointments were available on Saturday. At any of the Walgreens clinics in the area. So I made an appointment for the following morning and took Katie in. The rapid strep test revealed what I'd expected: Katie had strep.

Fortunately, it has responded nicely to the antibiotics and she only had to miss school on Monday to make sure that she was no longer contagious.

We are now waiting to see if any of the rest of us have managed to catch strep. So far, so good, but...

The thing we want to make sure that we don't do is start passing it around in a circle again like we did last year. That was so much fun that we should have sold tickets.