March 29th, 2016

The Last Place You Look

So I need the documentation for one of the third party packages that we're using with our application at work. Normally, this would not have been a problem, because when I installed the package, it installed the documentation along with it. (Sadly, that documentation is not available online.)

Of course, I haven't actually used the package for anything other than builds (for which we've got copies of the DLLs that I built with the installed package) in quite some time. In fact, I haven't used that package since I got the new computer and had to turn in the old one.


Well, maybe I backed up the documentation when I backed up the old machine. Let me find the backup hard drive.

I said, Let me find the backup hard drive.

Apparently not. In the process of cleaning off my desk, I found a great many other things:

  • Gretchen's missing camera
  • A lot of pictures that Julie gave me that are now safely stored in a file folder in the drawer
  • My spare calculator
  • A missing stapler
  • A missing hole punch
  • Various fragmentary song lyrics for songs that were never finished
  • A bunch of USB cables
  • Other items too numerous to list. (Now how much would you pay?)

    But no hard disk.

    Eventually, it did turn up. In a place where it should have been, but under several things that had gotten piled on top of it in the cubby.

    Sadly, I did not back up that documentation.


    Time to find an installer...