May 19th, 2016

Hubris: Part 2

So after work today, I went back to assembling the new computer. I finally figured out how to put the heat sink on, did so, and discovered that the way that I'd installed it was going to make access to the memory slots problematic. Well, I could always turn the heat sink ninety degrees. I just had to unscrew it.

And one of the bolts came loose. Which meant that I had to uninstall the motherboard again so that I could put the mounting bolt for the heat sink back on. That made four.

However, the heat sink is now installed. And so is the RAM. And the hard drives and Blu-ray drive have been put in, various connectors have been connected to the motherboard, and the end of the beginning is in sight.

I still need to install the video card and all of the power cables, plus scavenge a SATA cable for the Blu-ray drive from my stash.

And then we'll bring the beastie upstairs, hook it into the KVM switch, and power it up.

I hope.