June 4th, 2016

I Wonder Where We're Filking Tonight

Balticon had a new hotel this year. In a bit of, well, interesting strategy, Programming -- much against Gary's will -- moved the filk room to a different room every night so that we could "try them out". We figured that Gary deserved to have a song written from his point of view about his plight.

Happily, Gretchen and I picked on a song that only has two verses in the original -- and a very singable chorus.

Note for the interested Programming Head for 2017: Gary would actually be quite happy to be in Kent, but it rhymed, so he is not responsible for that particular observation. :)
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Reader's Waltz

Once again, at Katie's behest, we set out to write a song for her teacher, Mrs. Hanstad. After a round of interrogation of Katie and questions that Gretchen put directly to Mrs. Hanstad, we managed to put the song together and record it just in time to give it to her on the last day of school.

Happily, she liked it. :)
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