June 24th, 2016

Season Over

Katie's team lost their second playoff game tonight by a score of 5-4, as the home team scored a run in the bottom of the sixth to win it. But the girls came back from a 4-1 deficit to tie it up and came close to taking the lead, but were just one clutch hit short. I'm proud of them all for hanging in there, given that the other team was heavily favored by the seeding.

Katie had a good night reaching base three times out of four, although she was out at second trying to stretch it in the first inning on a close (and possibly questionable) call. But the coach sends you, you go. :) And she scored the tying run after reaching on a hit by pitch late in the game. This was immediately after I told her -- having seen girls on both teams jumping away from the plate on inside pitches that were called strikes -- that she should hang in there if she thought the ball was going to hit her, because it wasn't going to hit her hard enough to hurt her anyway. After Katie reached on the HBP, several of the parents looked at me and said, "Way to go, Dad." :)

But she had a good time this season, despite starting out knowing only one of the girls on the other team. And when the game was over, she was crying, not because they'd lost, but because she wouldn't be playing softball with her friends any more.

And while that's true, I think we'll be seeing some of them again. :)