August 18th, 2016

We Have Top Men Working On It!

That would be me. Or as I occasionally refer to myself, "The Roadkill On the Critical Path".

I managed to get a test version of one of our critical new APIs up and running today. Part of the entertainment here was that I looked at some of the behaviors of the older version of the product and said, "OK, this really needs to be changed to work properly in the new environment." This is followed by having to convince everyone that the new behavior is actually, well, better behaved. I don't mind substantive objections that say, "If you do that, this thing will break." It's the "But we've always done it the other way" that doesn't necessarily help to move the ball down the field.

But the API has been tested and appears to work in the simple cases. More testing will follow, I'm sure, but there is a queue of people waiting for more stuff from me.

So the prize for finishing this is that I get to go try to finish up a different API tomorrow. :)

It keeps life entertaining!

(Hey! I could have been at Worldcon!)