December 29th, 2016

Mix Notes

There is some danger that I may be done mixing The Grim Roper.

Maybe. I need to give it a listen in a couple of places with fresh ears. And let some other folks listen to it.

But it might be just about done.

In the fine tradition of projects like this, it has taken way too much time and a final infusion of money to push it over the finish line. I had thought that I would not be spending much on the studio this year, but then I ended up buying a new pair of studio monitors to replace/supplement the ones that failed. And then I realized that with a little bit of jinking around, I could get a legitimate copy of Melodyne Studio for $549, which is $150 less than it usually goes for, if I bought it now.

Nice little product. I have plans for it. :)

And then I needed some vacation. And the new version of Cubase.

I think it's going to be OK.

And then I can mix something else...