January 15th, 2017


There were a great many things that could have been done today. But we are still under the weather (although less so) and not doing them seemed like the wisest choice. I did grill this evening, because it was dry and there was no ice on the patio.

There was ice blocking the back gate though, which thwarted my plan to quickly run over, knock on the door of the neighbor who backs up on our fence, and ask if it would be ok if I went into his yard to renail the partially loose section of fence. But it's reasonably stable, I think. (I hope.)

And Gretchen and I got to play a couple of games of Yahtzee with Katie, which was a good thing.

Playing Yahtzee with Ruby running about looking for people to play with is an experience. I would be holding one end of her pulley, Gretchen would finish her turn, and I'd hand the pulley off to Gretchen so that she could continue to pull on the firmly held toy while I rolled the dice.

And I suppose I did send in the last of the text for filk for the Capricon program book. (Which was followed by still more "last" from Debbie. :) )

And I read the newspaper, which means it didn't become part of the pile of newspapers in the garage waiting to be read. And there's more paper for Ruby's kennel and for starting grills with, both of which were required today.

And we had a chance to talk.

These are all good things.

Other things can be done tomorrow.