June 16th, 2017

Softball and Softball

Tonight was the Des Plaines Girls Softball outing to the Bandits game. The Bandits are a women's professional fast-pitch softball team that has won their league's championship two years in a row. Sadly, their luck was not good tonight as they gave up five runs in the first inning and lost 5-0, but everyone -- especially the girls! -- seemed to have a good time.

Some additional notes on yesterday's softball game:

  • Katie had two hits, including one where she hit the ball towards first base, but hustled down the line so quickly that she rushed the first baseman to the point where she couldn't make the play. Thus, the value of speed and the general encouragement to run!
  • So when you're handling coach pitch, you head out from your dugout and the opposing catcher (usually) flips you the ball. The opposing catcher in this case had been drilled to make her throws crisp, which they were. This was a bit of a surprise coming at me from a distance of less than 10 feet. It was rather worse when one of the throws caught me in the knee. My good knee, or at least the one that has not been surgically repaired. Fortunately, it caught me just to the left of the kneecap, or it might have done some serious damage. As it is, it's just a bit sore today.
  • The girls on Katie's team did a fine job of hitting off of the opposing pitcher yesterday. This is a good thing. :)