September 29th, 2017

Orville, Round Four

Gretchen and I caught the fourth episode of The Orville tonight on our DVR. Once again, good solid science fiction involving a lost generation ship. Yes, Star Trek went there too. Almost any episodic SF series worth its salt is likely to get there eventually.

But the Emerson reveal is worth it. :)

Apparently, this is a planned 13 episode season, so we're roughly a third of the way through now.

Closet Repair

Gretchen and I (with a little help from Katie) put the replacement shelf up in my closet tonight. The edge of the shelf is now on brackets screwed directly into the studs in the wall. The braces are not in studs, but there are four of them instead of three.

The first shelf lasted 20 years. If this one lasts that long, it should be just fine. :)