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Bill Roper's Journal
December 7th, 2017 
More new car news soon, but in other (important to me) news, the sale of my old car fell through, so I am still looking for someone who is interested in a reliable, older sedan.

What it is: 2005 Ford Five Hundred SEL with 95K miles. It has all-wheel drive and the continuously variable transmission. The CVT is a wonderful thing -- if you want the car to go, you just floor it and it goes, which is a bit surprising when you look at the car. Combined with the four new tires I put on it last year, it is prepared to crawl through the snow. I replaced the A/C compressor two or three years ago, so when it gets around to being summer, you should find that is working fine.

The trunk is the size of all outdoors, so it will haul a lot of luggage. (The design spec called for four sets of golf clubs. :) ) The car was designed by the Volvo engineers when they were still part of Ford and the reliability has shown it. ("Why do you need such a large cupholder?" the Volvo engineers asked the Ford engineers...)

The only thing I know of that is broken on the car is the sunglasses holder in the upper center console. :)

It's in good shape inside and out. Blue exterior, gray interior, cloth seats.

I've installed an aftermarket radio with Bluetooth so you have hands-free calling and can play audio from your phone on the radio. And it supports HD radio and still has a CD player. :)

The only reason that I'm getting rid of it is because I've had it for thirteen years and I really wanted a new car.

Anybody looking for a vehicle with these specs?
10:54 pm - Band Concert
Katie had her first concert tonight with the fifth grade band. Given that they just picked up the instruments a few months ago, the band did quite well.

The latter part of the concert featured the middle school band, which has had more time to practice. One of the songs they played was "Stone Mountain Stomp" which I would swear I have heard in a movie soundtrack at one time or another. If only I could remember where...
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