December 27th, 2017

Less Than Meets the Eye

I slept in slightly, then went off to my local BBQ joint for breakfast, where I discussed the state of my leaking shower faucet with Ted and asked him for backup help in case my attempts to fix it -- which would require turning off the water to the house -- failed. He agreed to be available for backup at a later date, which was fine, as the leak wasn't bad.

Then it was off to my auto repair shop where I dropped off a tin of cookies in thanks for their helping me sell my old car. Topped off the gas, because it is damned cold outside, and then went to Home Depot to pick up the necessary part to fix the faucet.

Katie had gone over to a friend's house to play, but Gretchen had promised to take Julie to McDonald's for lunch and I volunteered to join them, as it seemed better than abandoning Gretchen to deal with the PlayPlace by herself. (It was!)

Eventually got home and fiddled with the faucet by turning it off and on until the bit of grit that was causing the leak left the valve. There was much rejoicing. The replacement part has been stowed away for later use.

I finally let my main home machine update to the latest version of Windows 10.

And we watched the most recent episode of "Legends of Tomorrow" over dinner.

Meanwhile, in Citizen of the Galaxy, Thorby has arrived back on Terra and I have explained the meaning of a great many legal terms to Katie, especially "revocable by mutual consent". :)