January 9th, 2018

A Conversation With Myself

I am in between phone calls now, so I have loaded up the test mix for The Grim Roper on my office stereo and listening to it through the tiny Bose bookshelf speakers that I have in here. The results are interesting.

This is a massively simplified mix as compared to the original: my vocal and guitar, plus Amy McNally's welcome fiddle on several tracks. If there's an error, there's pretty much no hiding from it.

On average, I haven't noticed a lot of actual errors. But I'm listening to what I did some thirty years ago now and there's a lot of water under the bridge since then. And the results are on CD instead of cassette tape, so things that you never would have noticed on a hissy tape are audible.

I've had a lot of help on this project: fresh fiddle from the aforementioned Amy, bits of engineering advice from the ever-helpful Jeff Bohnhoff, and extra ears from Gretchen and Erica Neely.

I never would have made it here without them. :)

The levels are sounding matched. If I get through the hour without any bobbles, it's going to be time to fix the fades, finish up the insert, and send this off to the duplicator.

And then I can work on something new! :)