January 22nd, 2018

A Brief Bit of Confusion

I had a good time at Confusion, made much better by Bonnie and Sam having come along to help with the dealer table. I didn't get to much of anything other than the table, the Fan GoH panel, my concert, and the Saturday night open filk, but that's sort of the hazard of being a dealer. :)

(I was going to go to Friday night's open filk, but exhaustion won.)

And I had a lot of good conversations, which is really why I go to cons, so...

Thanks to Mark for offering me a concert! It's always fun to pull a set together. This time around, it was a "Traveling" set, consisting of (going from memory):

Solar System Survey
Dream Ship
Last Ship Outbound
Beyond the Sky
Counting to Infinity
Going There With You
Starry Weather
Running Down the Stars
Teenage Popsicle Girl

(The last was the extra song in case I ran a bit short, which came in handy and allowed everyone to leave humming the tune. :) )

The drive home was accomplished in thick fog. Happily, it's actually easier to drive in those conditions at night when you can see the taillights of the other cars than it is in daylight. We made it back home by about 10 PM.