January 24th, 2018

Busier Than The Proverbial Bee

So after spending the first two days of this week digging through obscure bugs for an emergency patch release, I then got to port the fixes into the current release, and then forward into the next release, and then off into my feature branch, learning new things about Git at each stage of the process. Having learned them, I decided to document them for future generations and added short descriptions and links to my "How-to" page on the subject.

I also had a boatload of meetings on various subjects, at least one of which I will need to write a detailed design document for so that someone else can code to the specification.

On the work front, this is why Bill can't manage to make progress on his new feature. :)

Meanwhile, back at home (which is not so many feet from where I work :) ), the new bed was delivered today. I intend to test it out shortly, because I am tired.