February 3rd, 2018


At least, I'm hoping that the sciatica can't manage this.

See, a bit over a year ago, I bought a brand-new big-and-tall size chair for the studio, because the chairs that I had down there were irritating my sciatica. It's a lovely chair. It is soft and cushy, it is big, it is an eminently satisfactory chair.

Except for the fact that after several hours of mixing in it, I came down with the worst sciatica attack that I have had in my life. It laid me up in one way or another for a week. Since then, I have been extremely careful about how I sit when I come down into the studio. In any case, it's not an incentive to spend time down here working on things.

Yesterday, I was poking through my email when I found a missive from the big-and-tall store advertising a big sale on chairs. And I said, "Well, why not take a look?" And the chairs did not look very promising. They did look very expensive. This was not what I had in mind.

And I said to myself, "You know, you got the chair that you are sitting in at Staples. It has generally been good to your sciatica. Why don't you see what Staples has?"

It turned out that Staples had the chair that I was sitting in on sale for $100 off. With free shipping. This lowered it to an entirely reasonable price, so I bought one.

It was supposed to arrive on Monday. Instead, it arrived today. It appears to be a repack -- the casters were installed on the base and the English language instructions were missing -- but I've assembled this chair before and proceeded to do so.

Then I swapped the casters with the hardwood-safe casters that I'd installed on the chair in my office and hauled the new chair up there. The old chair with the new casters is now sitting here in the studio.

My butt thinks it feels very familiar.

I hope this trick works. :)