February 21st, 2018

Moving Boxes

I have made room for boxes for various bits of equipment in the basement by removing some older boxes from the shelf there. I think that most of that equipment is no longer here or is in no danger of needing the original box again.

There is a day of reckoning coming for this basement. Soon...

For Want Of A Nail

It's the end of the trimester at school and Katie is late getting one of her assignments in. Her teacher will still accept it tomorrow, which is good. She'd have finished it already if she hadn't spent all day on Monday sick in bed with the tummy bug.

What's not good is the goat rodeo that ensued this evening when she needed to print out some illustrations from her computer to add to the assignment. It turned out that:

  • I hadn't installed the printer drivers on her machine. Since she's not an administrator, I had to go do that myself.
  • Except that the printer driver installation failed.
  • Also, there was a notification that there were disk errors that needed to be fixed by clicking on a particular Microsoft thing. (Yes, it was real. I checked.)
  • Except that the machine hung up while restarting to fix the errors.
  • So I powered it off and powered it back on. (Happily, I had replaced the power supply on this machine, so there was a hardware switch on the back of the box.)
  • And then it came up and ran the disk repair routine.
  • And then it installed the new Windows 10 update, which is probably why the printer driver installation failed.
  • Then I installed the printer drivers.
  • But there was still a notice about disk errors. OK, let's try fixing those again.
  • This time the machine successfully rebooted and tested things, but took a very long time to get back past the Windows logo at boot.
  • But after some time, the machine came back up, Katie could log into it, and was able to print the things she needed.

    Well, that was a couple of hours shot to heck...