March 11th, 2018

Projectus Interruptus

I am starting to realize that part of my current frustration is that nothing gets done. Sometimes, this is my fault. Many other times, it is not.

For instance, tax deadlines are staring me in the face. But I do not yet have all of the information that I need to complete either the ISFiC Press or the Dodeka taxes. In both cases, I need to get data from someone else in order to be able to finish. Because I cannot finish, I have not even started.

I have a project at work which I finished over a week ago. All we have to do is get it built and handed off to the people who want to use it for testing. Due to an entire circus of errors and incompatibilities, mostly related to a single library (which I have been trying to get updated for months now, but where the process of actually getting it updated is under the control of other people), we have yet to be able to deliver a working build. On my machine, where I have assembled the correct libraries and built everything in a compatible fashion, the code works. Elsewhere? Not so much.

Then there's the state of the garage, which is better. However, Gretchen is still parking in the driveway and will be doing so until the rest of the debris on her side of the garage is dispatched. The problem is that while getting rid of cardboard is easy, disposing of items of potential value is harder. Anybody want a king-size bed frame? We have one. It needs to go and I would rather not put it in a landfill.

Almost everything is like that.

I intend to start doing something about that later this afternoon.

Just as soon as the load of laundry I'm waiting for down here in the basement is done...