March 21st, 2018

Post-Election Bits and Pieces

Just some thoughts, with most of the serial numbers filed off.

  • I am a closet moderate. Really. (You can stop laughing now.)
  • I am also extremely cynical about politics. I do not believe I am excessively cynical, which sometimes makes me sad.
  • I have more respect for Daniel Biss than I do for either of the other two major Democratic candidates for governor, because he at least tried to do something about the pension problem in Illinois, even if the Illinois Supreme Court decided that approach wouldn't fly. I'd have even more respect for him if he had owned the attempt rather than running from it during the campaign.
  • While I'm mentioning pensions, I observe that they used to tell us that government workers deserved these pensions because they had worse working conditions and lower salaries than non-government workers. It is far from clear to me that this is still true, but the pension system is, apparently, forever.
  • I am always bemused by ads for candidates that tout credentials and political positions that have absolutely nothing at all to do with the office that they are running for. I could name one, but that particular crook -- happily! -- lost.
  • Pro-tip for Republican primary voters: when the other party is running primary season ads where they refer to a Republican candidate as "the true conservative" in the race, this is an indication that they think you are about as smart as Daffy Duck and that you can be persuaded to nominate said "true conservative" who will be toast in the general election. Sometimes, they are correct. If you have forgotten, just search up "Todd Akin" in your browser.
  • However, the good news for the Democrats is that by helping gin up a competitive Republican gubernatorial race, they managed to stop a lot of what I would classify as "good government Republicans" from pulling a Democratic ballot for the primary. Well done! It didn't achieve all of your goals, but it helped out a number of candidates backed by the party machine.

    That's probably enough for now.