March 26th, 2018

It's Taxing

For a variety of perfectly good reasons (some fun, some otherwise), I am now desperately trying to pull together the taxes so I can get them to the accountant on time by the end of the week. Aside from getting our personal tax information in one place, there's also the fun of getting the Dodeka taxes done.

As is not unusual, the first step is to enter the closing inventory into the system. This is tedious, but not terrible. However, it makes me sad when I see the number of items that we are carrying that we didn't manage to sell any of during the previous year. (There are some items that have the same count as they did last year, but I have a good idea of where I placed reorders and where I didn't. :) )

Thanks to the many folks who came out with new CDs last year! Overall retail sales were up by a small amount, which I attribute to having new product available.

I should do some of that myself.

Say, after I finish the taxes...