April 9th, 2018

The Triumph of the Weather Over Gross Stupidity

I was looking at the pictures of Wrigley Field -- snow-covered Wrigley Field! -- this morning when they announced that Opening Day was going to be postponed until 2:20 PM so they could clear the field. I was watching the snowblower throw snow onto the really expensive box seats behind home plate, which seemed to me to be a classic example of kicking the can down the road. (When someone is paying hundreds of dollars for a seat which you have buried in snow for them, the snow starts to become your problem, not theirs, in my opinion.)

About 11 AM, they finally gave up, admitted the obvious, and have postponed the home opener until tomorrow, by which time this snow will have melted. I hope.

In the meantime, I have changed out of my wool socks so that I can use them tomorrow.

Because it is still going to be cold. Warmer, yes, but still cold. :)

Drain Bamage

So tonight, I went down to the studio to prepare the CD upload for "What's a Hoosier?" so I can send it to the duplicator. And I found something.

This album has two bonus tracks! I was forcibly reminded of this as I was entering the CD-Text and found them sitting there. Obviously, I have been working on this project for much too long. (Yes, I know. That's obvious to all and sundry.)

Anyway, the two bonus tracks are in the image that I'm uploading. Now, I just need to go and update the artwork.

At least I hadn't uploaded the artwork yet...


That's it. Everything is uploaded to the duplicator for The Grim Roper and What's a Hoosier?. I need to make sure that they've gotten the sales tax exemption forms in order and then I can pay for this and start everything going.