July 24th, 2018

Baseball, Cleaning, and Technical Support

So I made plans to go down to the Cubs/Diamondbacks game with a friend of mine tonight. Normally, we would have driven down together, but he had a doctor's appointment, so we went separately. This worked out just as well, as he wanted to leave early with the Cubs down 4-0; although it would have been just as well to go together, because I wanted to leave at the same moment, because the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow and coming home to help finish the cleaning was a good idea.

While the Cubs game was going on, I was following the Cardinals game online. In an eerie echo of last night, the Cardinals rookie pitcher threw 6 1/3 innings of no-hit ball. (Last night, a different Cardinals rookie pitcher threw seven innings of no-hit ball before leaving the game; the bullpen then torched it.) Unfortunately, he then gave up a single and a home to tie the game. At least he did it to himself. The Cardinals eventually won 4-2 in extra innings on a surprising Dexter Fowler right-handed homer; the Cubs were not so lucky, losing 4-1 in regulation.

When I got home, I ate some dinner and we decided to postpone the last bits of cleaning until morning. This was most likely a wise decision.

Then I wandered into the living room, where the TV was on with a bright purple screen with a message on it. It gave me a 14-797 diagnostic code, told me to try rebooting the DirecTV box, and that if that didn't work, to call the number on the screen.

It didn't. I did.

The phone tree being designed by an idiot, it did not recognize diagnostic code 14-797, but instead asked me what extension I had been told to call. Having been asked to call none, this was not an entirely satisfactory experience. Eventually, it decided that I had said that I had static on the screen and started trying to run me through the troubleshooting for that.

I hung up the phone and redialed.

The phone robot refused to connect me to Technical Support when I said "Technical Support". It wanted to know what extension I wanted. In disgust, I spammed the "0" button on the phone until it finally decided to let me talk to a human being.

The hard drive in the DirecTV box is toast. A new receiver is being shipped to me.

I hate phone trees that are designed by idiots.

I think I'll go to bed now...