August 12th, 2018

The Relaxed and Busy Weekend

The Midkiff ladies (plus Cosmo the Puppy) are on their way back to Indiana after a fun visit here. The girls and Ruby the Dog are missing their playmates already.

Meanwhile, I'll be off to Wrigley Field shortly for tonight's Cubs / Nats game to see how the new draconian policies about bringing in liquids at the gates are going. Apparently (according to at least one season ticker representative), there has been a policy all year that the only liquid that you can bring in -- in factory-sealed bottles! -- is water. This does not actually match the policy on the website, nor the policy posted at the shuttle bus. But as of August 1st, this is what's being enforced with no announcement, no warnings.

It's sad to see how fan-unfriendly things are getting. It was one thing to ban unsealed drinks which were being used to smuggle in gigantic Rum & Cokes from the old 7-11. Open alcohol carry is illegal in any case.

This is just stupid. Lying about it is even stupider.