August 21st, 2018

The Best Laid Plans

Today was supposed to be the second day that both girls were back at school. The best laid plans of parents went awry shortly before 7 AM this morning when Katie came into our bedroom and announced that she thought she had pinkeye. Upon examination in the bathroom, I agreed.

We pinged our carpool buddy and let her know that Katie was not going to school today and probably had pinkeye. As it turned out, so did her daughter. I have a deep suspicion that Katie picked this up at a birthday party over the weekend -- if so, there could be an epidemic going through the sixth grade shortly.

I scheduled an appointment at the clinic for Katie. Gretchen got Julie together and we got her off to school. Later, the appointment confirmed the pinkeye and antibiotic drops were prescribed. By then, Katie announced that she had a mild sore throat, so they took a rapid strep test, which came back negative. But it was still early in the infection, so they've taken a second test that requires a couple of days to report back.

In the meantime, by evening, Katie was feeling worse and had more of a sore throat.

We'll see how she feels in the morning. If it's just pinkeye, she can go back to school tomorrow. If we've wandered into strep as well, that's not going to be good...