August 22nd, 2018

Late Night Baseball

I decided that going to sleep on Monday night was the better part of valor rather than watching the end of the Cards / Dodgers game. Since the game went four hours and ten minutes, that turned out to be a good choice. And I found out in the morning that the Cards won, which was good.

Last night, the game was moving at a better pace and I watched until the end, so I knew last night that the Cards had won, which was also good.

The upshot of this is that the Cards are now 2.5 games behind the Cubs and in sole possession of the first Wild Card spot in the National League.

I am impressed.

Of course, these things are subject to change. :)

Plague! Or Not!

Katie's pinkeye is getting better, but she was still distinctly under the weather with a sore throat and mild fever this morning, so we kept her home from school. Julie checked in with a similar sore throat, so we kept her home from school as well and ran her to the doc for a strep test. Once again, the rapid strep test came back negative and a culture was sent out to the lab.

Both girls are feeling much better this evening, so everyone is going back to school tomorrow. It looks like we've dodged the strep bullet, which is good.