September 10th, 2018

LG Flagship Phone Is Sinking

So about 18 months ago, I bought a brand-new LG G5 phone to replace my Nexus 5. I'd liked the Nexus 5, they were both built by LG, and I was able to get the LG G5 at the time for cheap, because the LG G6 had just rolled out. Sounds good, right?

Well, maybe not so much.

I plugged the G5 into the wall charger and the phone didn't light up. Hmm. Move it to another socket, check the connections, still no joy. Plug it into a USB charging cable attached to my bedside lamp. Nope.

Ok, let's try rebooting the beast. And now it starts up and produces a message that says "Insert a supported module to turn on your phone".

Ick. The LG G5 had a bunch of swappable modules that you could load at the bottom of the phone. This didn't take off as a concept and neither did the G5. But apparently, the charging module at the bottom of the phone was being very unhappy.

I pulled it out. I cleaned it. I put it back. Several times. And got the same message.

It is now *very* late at night. I search the Internet. It looks like the right thing to do is to get a new charging module. Which is different for *every* service provider.

I bought this phone from Ting. I decide to hope and pray that it is a Sprint phone. I order the matching module, which will not be here until Thursday. I leave the phone disassembled overnight.

This morning, I popped the module and battery back into the phone, plugged it into a wall charger, and powered it up. And look! It is charging!

Via further experimentation, I have discovered that if I reboot the device with a USB cable plugged in, it will figure out that it can charge from the cable. It won't do anything *else* USB-related, but at least it will charge. On Thursday, we will see if the replacement module works.

At the moment, I am rather annoyed that my 18-month old LG G5 is crapping out on me.

Which leads me to the question: If I were to replace this phone with another Android model, what would you recommend that I replace it with that I will find comparable to this G5? I don't want a larger phone, but I do like the screen resolution on this beast. And I want to stay in the Android ecosphere, because I have too many apps to want to start over. Also, I get itchy if I pay more than about $300 for a phone.

I would also like it to work for longer than 18 months...