September 26th, 2018

Well, That's Annoying

So after Sam, Katie, and I fixed the fence this weekend, I figured we were in pretty good shape. And we were.

At least until the thunderstorm with high winds came through last night and blew down a whole section of the fence. Happily, Ruby the Dog did not figure this out last night when she was out or there would have been an epic pursuit. Of course, the rest of the family didn't figure it out either, because it was dark.

But this morning, it was obvious that the fence was down. Happily, Ruby the Dog still didn't figure this out and was returned to the house without a chase.

I have been out to inspect the fence. The section literally had the nails ripped out of the two by four stringers. The posts are intact. I have removed the nails from the posts, but I don't know if there's enough intact wood left at the ends of the stringers to put the fence back up. I may be able to find some hangers that I can slip the two by fours into -- I'm going to check Home Depot.

If not, I have two by fours and can rebuild the fence section.

Oh, joy.

(Welcome to "What I did on my very late summer / early fall vacation".)