November 14th, 2018

Ring! Ring!

The thing that Katie wants most of all in the world right now (more than world peace!) is a cell phone. The phone that the girls were supposed to be sharing and using only at conventions has fallen pretty firmly into Julie's hands (and is none the better for wear as a result) and we've been staring at the equity issue involved for a while.

Katie's birthday is coming up on Saturday (12 years old!) and I told her that I would buy her a cell phone for her birthday, although she would have to wait to get it until the Black Friday sales started. However, as it happens, Amazon is pushing some phones out in an "early Black Friday" sale right now. One of those phones is the one that I would have chosen for myself if it had turned out that I had to replace my LG G5: the Moto X4. At $199, this phone -- even if slightly long in the tooth -- becomes a no-brainer.

So I have ordered the phone, an SD card, and a SIM from Ting.

Katie needs to sit down with her mother and order a matching case, because I wasn't going to try to pick something out that she would like. That will likely happen later this evening (if it hasn't already).

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Try not to run up too many minutes.